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Rachel Cohen

Turner Summer Somber

Turner Summer Somber

J.M.W. Turner, Sunset?, 1830-1835, oil on canvas, The Tate Museum. Photos Rachel Cohen.

It is a bright hot day in August, but, when I settle to think, the mood this morning is somber like the brown below the sky's red line.

Yesterday, I read through some notes I had made to myself in May, and was surprised at the tone I found there, of endurance in the expectation of a clear and soon end. To myself then, we had managed nearly three months; to myself now, I think we were hardly even at the beginning then.

These photos are of a small painting by J.M.W. Turner, probably made between 1830 and 1835, tentatively titled Sunset?

I saw it at the Tate Museum in London on the morning of the Brexit vote.

London was hung about with signs pleading "Remain." Stay a little longer, don't give up yet.